2-3 MAY 2016 , OSLO NORWAY


flatMap(Oslo) is a functional programming conference
with focus on Scala and the Java Virtual Machine

Automatic, opinionated code formatting with scalafmt


Any style guide written in English is either so brief that it’s ambiguous, or so long that no one reads it. Scalafmt does its best to relieve your attention from such trivia and let you focus instead on writing correct, maintainable code. Mark the end of arguments about formatting!

In this talk, we’ll see how scalafmt works and how it’s different from its sibling Scalariform. We will also dig into how Scalafmt is implemented with scala.meta, a new metaprogramming library that leverages both the functional and OO aspects of Scala. It turns out that scala.meta's syntactic API and scalafmt are a match made in heaven.

Expect a lot of funky looking code. Don't forget to bring your strongest opinions on whitespace and indentation, it may be your last chance to express them.



Ólafur is a Master's student at Martin Odersky's lab at EPFL. He has written payroll management systems in Iceland, flirted with embedded DSLs in Scala and worked on developer productivity at Google. Ólafur blogs at geirsson.com.

Rumour has it that Ólafur is looking for a job in Norway after he graduates this summer. Why Norway? Ask him.


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